15 Things I Learned on a Drive Across the Country

A little over three years ago, my dear friend Christie told me that she was moving to Buffalo, NY (on the complete opposite side of the country), and she was taking her whole family with her. I may or may not have cried myself to sleep that night; HOWEVER, I got a really awesome road trip out of the deal. Since they were moving three cars all the way to Buffalo, they asked me if I would venture with them on a five day, 2,600 mile road trip across the US, and I, of course, said yes.

We drove for roughly 55 hours, through something like 11 states, and I had the time of my life. Despite the fact that I cried again when I then had to leave Buffalo and fly back home to Portland, that drive will forever be one of my favorite memories, and as one does when driving for five days straight, I picked up a few interesting tidbits of knowledge along the way.

  1. A good playlist is an absolute must.

  2. Utah is beautiful. 

  3. Laramie, WY is very…quiet. 

  4. Crossing over state lines can be extremely exciting.

  5. Even more so when you sing the Indiana Jones theme song each time. 

  6. Stretching while driving can lead to potentially dangerous situations. 

  7. Outdoor hotels are almost always scary.

  8. Breakfast is CHEAP, everywhere.

  9. Audio books rock. 

  10. Tumbleweeds do exist, and they really do blow across empty highways.

  11. Locals always seem to be able to tell that you’re from out of state. 

  12. Snacks are life savers.

  13. Pennsylvania is the longest state, ever.

  14. Cats don’t always make great backseat drivers.

  15. Dogs do. 

Even though it was a lot of driving, it was an amazing experience. We got a taste of a lot of different lifestyles, saw some amazing scenery, and ate some very lovely breakfasts. Most importantly, we had a ton of fun and got to spend a lot of time together before 2,600 miles separated us. If you ever get the chance to drive across the country, I highly recommend it.

To watch some funny moments from our trip, click the videos below. 🙂

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