Five Places in Europe I Absolutely Must See Before I Die

Europe is my dream. For as long as I’ve been thinking about international travel, it is the one place that I always come back to. It just has endless appeal to me. I’m sure I could spend countless weeks getting lost there, and enjoy every minute of it, but for the sake of time, and your patience with me, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 places in Europe that I need to see at least once in my lifetime.
Ljubljana, Slovenia
I have no idea how this charming little town in Slovenia so quickly captured my heart, but it did. After adding it to my list of must sees, I have realized that it’s on a lot of other lists as well. “Top Places in Europe 2014” “Safest Places for Female Travellers” “Europe Bucket List” etc. Once I started looking, I saw this quaint little place plastered all over the Internet. The big name popular tourist towns are great, but something in me really wants to explore the more quiet side of Europe, and Ljubljana is the perfect place to do just that.
Paris, France

Speaking of big name tourist towns, Paris is an absolute must for me.  Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a good idea” and I have to agree. The beautiful churches and museums are right up my alley, and if I die without seeing the Eiffel Tower, I will be a very unhappy ghost.

Yes, just about anywhere in Croatia.  More specifically I’d like to explore Zagreb, and the coastal town of Dubrovnik. There are so many other gorgeous cities within Croatia, it’s hard for me to demand only one. A relatively cheap destination, with history, killer food, and beautiful scenery? Count me in!
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This gorgeous destination just recently popped up on my radar, and now it’s a non-negotiable for me. The rich history and endless rolling green hills are basically begging me to explore them. Not to mention it’s another highly affordable destination, with a lovely combination of city and nature, and some top notch food. What more could a girl ask for?
Edinburgh, Scotland
Well, I have to visit Scotland don’t I? If anything, just to say hello to my people. 😉 But the castles, monuments, and culture alone could easily sway me to spend some extended time in Edinburgh.
And because I really do feel that you could drop me anywhere in Europe and I’d be incredibly happy, here are my 5 honorable mentions: 
Prague, Czech Republic
Budapest, Hungary
St Petersburg, Russia
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Berlin, Germany

(All photos were found on Wikimedia Commons. Credit goes to their rightful owners)

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